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Warmly celebrate the establishment of Yongli Laser Station in South China

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Dear customer, partner:

Hello, due to the company's development needs and market demand, Jilin Province Yongli Laser Technology Co., Ltd. external office is hereby adjusted!

South China office moved to a new location

The regional office in South China is integrated, and the original Guangzhou Office and Dongguan Office will no longer have offices.

Contact: South China Region Manager - Dong Shulei

Contact number: 139-2294-4037


Liaocheng office was established!

Yongli's new office in Liaocheng Office.

Contact: Liaocheng Office Sales Manager - Kong Chuanqing

 Contact number: 151-6881-5990


North China Office

The original Jinan office address remains unchanged.

 Yongli laser's office in North China

Contact: Manager of North China Region - Zhang Dawei

 Contact number: 155-6336-0531

The adjustment and establishment of this overseas office is to better close to the market and serve customers. With the quality of sales, service and development, Yongli laser's external office staff, with full of enthusiasm, professional service, look forward to your visit and guidance, and discuss cooperation matters!


Thanks to all customers and partners for their support and companionship to Yongli laser for many years, Yongli laser will live up to expectations, 2019, cast extraordinary!