Laser Power Supply

YL Series
YL-U Series

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To perfectly match our various CO2 Laser Tubes, with years of experiments, our R & D department developed YL series and YL-U series power supplies. They feature stable performance, strong anti-jamming capability, small size and anti-ageing. For better compatibility, we strongly recommend using our power supplies when you are utilizing our laser tubes

Product outline


THInput SignalHigh-level ≥ 3V   Pmin-Pmax
TLInput SignalShort-circuited When   Not Use
WPProtection SwitchesShort-circuited When   Not Use
GSignal GroundWell Connected
INInput Signal0-5V Analogue Signals   or PWM Signals (1≥20KHz)
5VOutput PowerOutput Voltage: 5V /   Max Output Current: 50mA

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