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CG series laser tube

Product details

Adopting our own patented technology to modify the beam size and beam quality with a physical approach, which solves the beam distortion, increased the output power. Inner lens upgraded. All inner lens and mirror are imported and customized by the U.S.II-VI Infrared. Yongli adopts new catalytic technology to enhance the coating firmness of discharge tube and catalytic consumption. The As laser tubes are more stable on longtime and continue laser working and lifespan is longer. A6s and A8s are capable of cutting thin metal and thick non-metal materials with a better cutting performance.

Product outline


Yongli A0s CO2 Laser Tube

Rated Power 


Peak Power 




Red Point Indicator


Working Current 


Recommend Working Current 


Ignition Voltage 


Working Voltage 


Outer Diameter 


Working Life 

 6000 Hours


 6 Months



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