DLT-280/300 CO₂ Laser Tube
DLT-280/300 Beam Combination laser tube with numbers of patent, it includes integrated design combined device, and dedicated power supply. It features with high output power and stable spot mode. Single or double sets of synchronous control are all available, the power within 50-300W can be adjusted continuously.

Output Power(w):(280/300W)

Good Spot Mode:(1+1≈1)

Output Stability(±%):(±5%)

Long Life(The catalyst, Kovar sealing technology, More than 10,000 hours)

Safety measures(It has openings protected,water protection devices)

It can be a single set of work(Each DLT-280/300 CO2 Laser Tube can be used alone)

Laser Tube Size:L * W * H 1850*265*144mm 

Laser Tube N.W.(kg):34.5Kg

Power Supply:L * W * H 320*210*80mm(Single)

Power Supply N.W.(kg):5Kg(Single)