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Laser tube winter Precautions

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1, Please stop working, when temperature of working environment is below 10 degrees.

2, Temperature of working environment is below 0 degrees, Please drain all the cooling water out of the laser tube.

3, If the temperature of working environment cannot reach use requirement, not recommended for continued use of the laser tube, To insist on continuing to use shall be made of high quality automotive special antifreeze (Glycol, the main ingredient) instead of cooling water.

If you already use antifreeze as coolant, you changed regularly to ensure that the liquid level above the pump, but also non-conductive impurities. Replace immediately after temperatures rise into the conventional cooling.

Please change the cooling water in time, the cooling water temperature lower than room temperature may not be directly replaced, requiring water temperature close to room temperature before replacement, avoid to the tube cracks.

If you have any questions please leave a message or dialing Hotline:18843013576/0431-81087666